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Class Preparation for PSY 290: Psychology of Money

Syllabus -- [PDF Download]

August 27 -- [LINK]
What do you think about these research findings? How might you explain them? Does this mean bonus pay should never be used as an incentive?

August 30 -- [LINK]
Based on this article, in what ways are "mine" vs. "yours" two different categories?

September 1 -- [LINK]
How does this article on lotteries match your observations and experiences?

September 3 -- [LINK]
What do you think about this article that challenges an American mantra?

September 8 -- [LINK]
This article is about the lure of earning extra money, or working for oneself, through companies that bill themselves as multi-level marketing models. You may recognize some of them. What do you think about what this author believes is the reality of such companies?

September 10 -- [LINK]
This article focuses on particular processes that affect our purchasing decisions.

September 13 -- [LINK 1]     [LINK 2]
As you read both brief articles, how might these factors apply to your shopping behavior?

September 15 -- [LINK]
As you read this brief article on human motives as theorized by historic psychologist Henry Murray, jot down how many of these motives could maniftest themselves through how an individual approaches and handles money.

September 17 -- [LINK]
This article runs two pages, so remember to include the second page. As you read it, how does it match with your expectations for finances in your relationship with a life partner?

September 20 -- [LINK]
What do you think about these issues related to the woman in male-female relationship earning more than the man?

September 22 -- [LINK]
As you read this article, think about the ways in which money and social relationships may or may not mix.

September 24 -- [LINK 1]     [LINK 2]
As you read the article at Link 1, think about why there might be a difference when we're comparing cultures versus individuals. When you read the briefer article at Link 2, think about how the two articles may fit together.

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