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Class Preparation for PSY 210

Syllabus -- [PDF Download]

January 17 -- [PDF Download]
What do we mean by sex?     By culture?   What factors make it difficult to appreciate the degree of diversity that exists?   What surprised you in this reading?

January 22 -- [PDF Download]
Tackle the first 7 pages for today, and the remaining 8 pages are for Jan. 24.

January 24 -- [PDF Download]
Today tackle the remaining 8 pages from the chapter from last time.   The link for today is for the same chapter as Jan. 22.

January 27 -- [LINK]
Read this page, then click on the photographic history link and read those captions.
Last, play the extremely brief video clip of Dr. Kinsey from the original page where you started.

January 29 -- [PDF Download]
This is a somewhat lengthy chapter, but it provides explanation of the theories we will be using throughout the remainder of the semester to better understand the various sexuality topics we will tackle.

January 31 -- [PDF Download]       [LINK]
Start with the PDF file, then tackle the first three pages at the link (up to the section "My Experiences with Hooking Up").  Do you agree with the author when it comes to "hooking up"?   How have attitudes toward dating, sex before marriage, and finding a mate changed over the past few generations?

February 3 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The first link is to a brief article on a females, virginity, and being called sluts.   The second link is to the "Top 10 Double Standards of Dating" written by a male.   What is your reaction to each?

February 5 -- [LINK]
The link is to an article about the danger of the Internet for children, but it has a very different view than what we're used to encountering.   What do you think?

February 7 -- [LINK]
The link is a video news segment on whether there is a double standard when it comes to adults who have sex with minors.   Do you agree?

February 10 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
Link 1 is to an article about abstinence only education.   What do you think?  
Link 2 is to a video that contains two programs back-to-back, but we're interested in the first one, which runs about 15 minutes.   The program shows how western European cultures handle teen sexuality, sex ed, and reducing unwanted pregnancy, STIs, etc.     Why would it be impossible at this point in our history to treat teen sex this way in the U.S.?

February 14 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The first link is about drag queens, the second about drag kings.   As you read these, work on an answer to the question, "Why do individuals participate in drag, both as performers and as an audience?"

February 17 -- [PDF Download]
This article was written to provide an overview to both male and female genitals and related bodily systems.   We'll introduce diagrams in class.   What questions do you have?

February 19 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
Link 1 provides a nice overview of ambiguous genitalia.   Be sure to click on the menu-bar options for "In-Depth," "Tests," and "Treatment & Care."   If you plan to have children, think about how you might respond as a parent of an infant born with ambiguous genitals.   The second link takes you to a brief talk by an expert in the study of the history of how bodies are thought of in cultures.   For class, watch the first 6 minutes and 45 seconds of the talk (to the point where she mentions race as a fuzzy category).   The remainder of the talk is interesting, but doesn't pertain to intersex conditions.

February 21 -- [LINK]
This link is to a portion of a television talk show episode on children who declare themselves to be the other gender.   Part 2 requires clicking on the link on your right-hand side.   The two clips run a total of about 20 minutes.   Imagine being a parent of these children.   What would you do?   Also, note the reaction of other adults in the stories.   Why do some other adults react so negatively and hatefully?

Febraury 24 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
Links 1 and 2 are to brief news clips about discrimination experienced by transgendered individuals.   What do you think?

February 26 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The first link is to a brief newspaper article about low sexual desire among women.   What is your reaction, as a woman? The second link is to a page containing links to video clips on asexuality (from the site   Feel free to watch any and all, but if you're limited to about 15 minutes view the second and fifth clips in the vertical list.

February 28 -- [PDF Download]       [LINK]
The PDF is a brief chapter on sexual arousal.   The link is to an article and brief video clip about women who constantly experience sexual arousal, and cannot find relief. The PDF is required reading, whereas the link is optional (but very interesting). These cases of persistent sexual arousal point out the difference between physiology and subjective experience.

March 10 -- [PDF Download]       [LINK]
The PDF contains some brief material I wrote pertaining to orgasm.   The Link is to a question-and-answer post about an alternative to sex with the usual goal.   What do you think about this unconventional alternative?

March 12 -- [LINK]
At this site, simply watch the animated film (which runs about 8 minutes, not including the credits at the end). It is narraterd by three different women.   What do you think about all this?

March 14 -- [LINK]
This is a link to a handout by Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous as to the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction.   What do you think?

March 17 -- [LINK]
This is a link to an article from the satirical news outlet The Onion.   In it's humorous presentation, this article does raise some interesting questions about what constitutes paraphilia, including: Why is one attraction deemed deviant whereas another is not?

March 19 -- [LINK]
This is a link to a brief article about pedophilia.

March 21 -- Sadomasochism, Bondage, and Discipline

March 24 -- [LINK]
This brief (6-minute) clip from Dr. Drew provides a nice basis for discussing possible male-female differences in what sexually attracts particular people to other individuals.   You have to move the cursor over the bottom edge of the video clip to access the controls for volume, etc.

March 26 -- [PDF Download]       [LINK]

March 28 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
Link 1 is to an accurate yet concise article about what research has revealed about possible factors influencing sexual orientation.   Compare the info in the article with the explanation provided in the 7-minute video by the Gay Christian Network at Link 2.   Were there discrepancies?   What questions do you still have?

March 31 -- [LINK]
This link takes you to a blog entry from a mother of a preschooler.   How do gender role expectations, especially for males, lead to stigma against some gay males?   Also, here is the LINK for the optional Implicit Association Test (IAT) we will discuss in class.   If you choose to measure your own implicit attitudes, follow the instructions and select the Sexuality IAT.   The entire process takes 10-15 minutes and all questions have to be answered for scoring to occur.

April 2 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The first link takes you to an interesting article about the state of knowledge regarding the children of gay and lesbian parents.   The second link is to a very brief but personal account of how gay marriage and parenting may or may not be connected.

April 4 -- [LINK]
This link takes you to a frank portrait of the sex lives of couples after the arrival of children.   What do you think?

April 7 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The material at LINK 1 is meant to bust some myths about swingers, whereas the second link is to material meant to do the same regarding polyamory.   How are these two alternative types of relationships similar and different?   What surprised you?

April 9 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
LINK 1 takes you to a "news" article at the satirical newspaper The Onion.   Athough it is satire, what does the article imply about infidelity and faithfulness?   The second link takes you to an article about handling jealousy in open relationships.   Read through the section that contains the "Core Beliefs" behind jealousy.   What do you think?

April 11 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The first link takes you to a brief page about sexual harassment in educational and work settings.   The second link is one woman speaking out about street harassment she has experienced simply as a result of being a woman living her life.   Does any of it ring true for you?

April 14 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
The first link takes you to the page concerning definition of rape at the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN).   If you desire any other information on rape and other forms of sexual abuse, this is a good site to explore.   The second link takes you to an interesting article on how we might go about reducing rape in our culture (note that there are two pages).   What do you think?

April 16 -- [LINK]       [LINK 2]
This link is to a blog by a former sex worker.   Read this entry titled "Blurring the Lines."   What do you think?  The second link takes you to an expose on how statistics pertaining to the prevalence of harmful sexual activity such as human trafficking are frequently blown out of proportion, misquoted, etc.

April 21 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
These links take you to two distinct editorials by student authors writing for the Yale University newspaper.   With what points do you agree and disagree?

April 23 -- [LINK 1]       [LINK 2]
Link 1 is to an article that attempts to answer some of the basic questions about prostitution.   What was surprising to you?   Link 2 is to an article from The Onion, a satirical newspaper.  However, the article raises the point about where do we draw the line when it comes to exchanging sex for material support?   What do you think?   What is the difference with professional prostitution?

April 25 -- [LINK]
This link is to a blog by a former sex worker.   Scroll down to the entry from Jan. 14, 2013, titled "Secret Lives: The Shameful Truth About . . ."   What do you think?

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