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Class Preparation for PSY 290: Existential Psychology

Syllabus -- [PDF Download]

September 29 -- [LINK 1]     [LINK 2]
For Link 1, read up to the heading labeled "Development." Although this selection is rather short, it is philosophical, as it lays out the basic premises of existential psychology. Try your best to fully grasp what these concepts mean with regard their application to we humans. For Link 2, read up to the section labeled "Freedom and Responsiblity in Therapy."

October 1 -- [LINK]
The link takes you to a book on preview at Google books. Start by jumping down to Chapter 10 and read pages 419-420. Then, jump to Chapter 2 and read pages 29-35 and page 38. What do you think?

October 4 -- [LINK]
The link takes you to the film we viewed in class ("Flight from Death"), just in case you missed it or want to view the second half.

October 6 -- [LINK]
The link takes you to the Wikipedia entry for Terror Management Theory. Be ready to discuss. What questions do you have?

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